A Mini Auburn Baseball Bucket List

Auburn baseball games are a special event. My love for them is already pretty well documented. Even though it’s hard to narrow it down; I think there are 5 things that every Auburn baseball fan should do at least once this season.

1. Buy a scorecard from Mr. Campbell (or a Diamond Doll)

Scorecards are one of the lost arts of baseball. They are personal, functional, and practical. Say a buddy of yours went up for a soda and comes back. First thing he asks? “What did I miss?” Well, with the scorecard you can tell him exactly what he missed. Plus, it will keep you engaged in the game. Don’t let this happen to you:

2. Catch a game from the Upper Parking Deck

It’s a pretty sweet set up. Park your vehicle. Watch a game. Chill Out. It’s a unique way to watch an Auburn game, if just for a couple of minutes or more. Personally, I have to be a bit closer to the action but for the younger crowd, the Upper Parking Deck seems ideal.

3. Join the Diamond Club

Now, this is something I’ve put off for way to long. Thankfully, and thanks to my brother’s awesome Christmas present, I’m now a member of the AUDC. Check them out and ask a member what they are about.

4. Say Hey to the Diamond Dolls

Probably the most enthusiastic group of fans, made up of students, and they do more than just cheer at the games. They’re involved in philanthrophy, spirit, and comraderie. So what do they do? Let’s let one of them explain:

Katie Campbell is a junior from Auburn, AL, majoring in communication. When Katie graduates she would like to pursue a career in sports marketing or sports event planning. “Being a Diamond Doll provides me with a snapshot from behind the scenes of what a baseball program is like,” Katie explains. She goes on to tell that her interest in baseball began when she was young. Her brother played baseball for years and therefore, it was something she grew up around. In high school, she served as a Diamond Doll, which made her love for baseball grow even more.

Katie has been involved with Auburn’s Diamond Dolls for two years and is actually the graphic designer for Diamond Dolls. “I am in charge of ordering all of our uniforms, and designing t-shirts for our organization. On top of my officer duties, I also help out in the coach’s office when needed, decorate the locker rooms, assist in helping with marketing promotions throughout the game, and of course offer support to our team throughout the season,” Katie says. She explains that through this experience, she has learned time management skills, which has helped her in many aspects of her life.

5. Skip a Sunday game and go catch the Opelika Miracle League.

I would recommend an away game, obviously, but the Miracle League is a wonderful organization to lend and afternoon helping. How can you help? Just by coming out and cheering. Check them out

Any other recommendations? Leave them in the comments.


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