The Opening Threat Level

For those unfamiliar with the Threat Level. It's bascially a barometer for Auburn baseball and the expectations of the season. Here's a quick recap. Now, without further ado, the opening 2012 Threat Level:

Yes, it's low. Then again, so are the expectations for the 2012 Season. Auburn was picked to finish dead last in the SEC West, has yet to crack any poll, or really place any player on any watch list or All-American Team. You can call it "flying under the radar" if you must, but honestly, the expectations aren't there because no one really knows what team Auburn will put out in 2012. Returning only 2 full time starters (and even then pushing one of those to the infield and having the other still in a position battle) doesn't exactly breed confidence. It breeds confusion and the unknown. Auburn's main task will be to show that they are a cohesive unit and that they can excel with all these new pieces in place.


WARMING TRENDS: What can Auburn do to raise the threat level? These first two weekends will be the biggest test. The threat level will rise if Auburn can take the opening series against Mizzou, sweep defending SWAC Champion Alcorn in the midweek, and take at least one game on the road at Arizona. That's a starting record of 5-3 at worst. Not ideal, but it would be a start considering the competition.


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