STAT of the Union (Week 2)




We have good news and bad news in this week's look at Auburn's stats. The good news? The offense has steadily improved, thanks to an impressive outpouring against Alcorn State. The bad news? Getting steamboated by Arizona plummeted AU's Pitching Staff to the bottom of the SEC in almost every major statistical category. The Tigers have given up the most hits, have the 2nd worse ERA, and have the worst Opponent's Batting Average against. The hits issue is the most disturbing. 51! That's almost a 200% increase. When the ERA raises nearly a full point? There are issues.


Around the league, a tend is starting to emerge. Carolina still has a dominant pitching staff and Arkansas still has a brutal offense. Perhaps surprisingly are two teams (like Auburn) who are trying to establish themselves out of the cellar with 2 different styles of offense. Kentucky with power and Tennessee with speed. UT and MSU are probably the closest teams offensively to Auburn so when those teams hook up, it will be interesting to watch.


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