Twitter and the Tigers

Twitter is a great way to follow college baseball. It's a tool I use to stay connected, interact, and update fans during the game. (Psst...follow here: @AUPPL). If you do follow, you can easily tell what is going on during the Auburn baseball games, as long as you know how to read a box score or score card.

Twitter is also a way to hear back from other Auburn fans and get their reaction/thoughts on a "Tweet of the Week" that I try to throw out every Tuesday. Such as this past Tuesday's "What Auburn Baseball Series are you Most Looking Forward To". I got a couple of good responses such as:

The Missouri series because it's opening weekend!

See? Fun. Exciting. Interactive.I'll try to keep this up during the season

Of course, I'm not the only one on twitter. I'd recommend a follow to the Auburn Diamond Dolls and the Official Auburn Tiger Baseball Feed. There are also a few Auburn players on Twitter. Now, I'm not going to list all of the current (and some former) players that I could find on Twitter because I don't follow every single one of them. However, if you are so inclined and want to know, you could just check out who the Official Twitter follows. You'll find the majority of them there. Now, a lot of guys use their Twitter for their own personal business. They have locked accounts for a reason. Keep that in mind and realize that some (if not many) of these are private accounts for a reason. Please respect that. Don't be a butt on twitter to the players.


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