The Varnasaur

Sometimes inspiration hits in some of the most unexpected places. Such as a typo on the message board:

Varnasore you say? Such as maybe a cross between Derek Varnadore and Carnosaur, the terribly awful Roger Corman movie about a genetically altered and very hungry dinosaur who reeks havoc on a local desert town? Hmmmm. Well, Varnadore does have a sort of "saurian" delivery. Perhaps we should commemorate this inspirational blessing? But, how? Oh yes, like this:

I dig it. Well, let's take it a step forward. How about Plainsman Park: Where Opposing Hitters Go Extinct? Yeah, that's the ticket.

Now if only we could get Derek Varnadore to change his introduction music to the great 80s Hit by Was (Not Was), "Walk the Dinosaur". One can only dream.


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