STAT of the Union (Week 4)

Another solid week for the Auburn pitching staff. The blown save on Sunday notwithstanding, Auburn actually pitched effectively and got 4 quality starts in each outing this week. Add in a save (and a blown save) by Justin Bryant, a nice turn by Slade Smith on Saturday, and Daniel Koger’s career best start and you can see Auburn pitching is slowing trending in the right direction.

This week’s spreadsheets are listed below. Team leaders (good) in Green. Team leaders (bad) in red. SEC Top 5 in Yellow.

My only issue is all those grey names. Those are pitchers who went unused. Now, a bit of that is the effect of solid pitching outings but it also shows a bit of overuse on Justin Bryant’s part. I still think that’s the key part missing from the bullpen. We need another bridge guy. If we can get our starter to the 6th inning without trouble then we can easily go Smith, Ortman, Bryant to close out the game and I think we can be incredibly effective. However, we still need 2 more guys to step up to help with the load? My pick would be Trey Cochran-Gill and Chase Williamson. For now, Rocky McCord could also be a guy that helps in mid-relief. With Auburn only playing single midweek games and Jon Luke Jacobs essentially being our midweek warrior (until someone falters), we have to find some innings for these guys.


Now, on to hitting:

Not the greatest week for hitting. Especially with 38 hits but only 5 extra base hits. A couple of batting averages leveled out but Yak, Tella, and Alvord are all starting to develop into solid hitters. If they can compliment the already strong core of Gonzo and Creede and Garrett Cooper can continue to develop power then I have little doubt Auburn will be just fine offensively.

As for how the team compares to the SEC? Here’s the final chart:


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