The End of AUPPL (sort of, but not really)

This tiny little corner of the interwebs: will be shutting its doors soon. I've been asked and accepted the opportunity to write full time for SBNation's newest Auburn website: so from here on all of my webposting will be handled over there.

I've truly enjoyed having my own little personal corner of the internet that some people enjoyed since February of 2009. Having over 100,000 pageviews is something I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams. People (surprisingly to me) enjoyed what I was writing. I enjoyed writing it. That's why I'm still going to write but now it will be in a location where more people can see it and interact with it and ultimately (and hopefully) learn more about Auburn baseball.

Why the change? Well, honestly, blogging for SBNation will allow me better interaction and a broader audience. That broader audience will make more dedicated to blogging on a consistent basis.

So what happens to this domain? Where will go? I'm not sure. My brother purchased this domain as a Christmas present to me a couple of years ago and ultimately it will be his choice. I suppose I can keep this up and running (as low maintenance as it is) and have it serve as a bit of an archive for my old stuff.

I have a few thank yous to get out of the way. First, thanks to Jerry Hinnen, formerly of the Joe Cribbs Carwash, who actually kickstarted the idea of this blog. He was looking for someone to cover Auburn baseball and I jumped at the chance. I haven't looked back since. Thanks to my friends, the ones who know me as KK or Cheese or just Kevin and who read the blog and have shared their personal enjoyment of it with me. Hearing your personal friends say, "Hey, I really like what you're doing over here." means more than you can imagine.  Finally, thank you for reading. It's hearing feedback from fans, from player's families, and from anyone that made me realize that this was something that was actually worthwhile and needed.

Now what happens? Well it's pretty simple. Just bookmark and you'll still get everything you would have gotten over here. Change your RSS Feeds as well. I'll have a little tab where you can easily find my stuff. Follow me on Twitter and you can still email me:

Once again: Thank You and War Eagle.


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