2018 College Baseball Streaming Guide

One of the best things about College Baseball (aside from the nature of the game and the healthy intercollegiate rivalries) is that College Baseball (unlike College Football and Basketball) has a very healthy number of streams to watch. During the week (mainly Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and the weekend, you can literally watch College Baseball until sometimes 1 a.m. Central Time.

However, it can be a bit daunting to just jump right in to streaming so here’s my basic guide to streaming. This is how I have my own personal system set up. Everyone has what works for them and what doesn’t but I’ve really found this to be the easiest route to go. Most of these recommendations will be for Apple TV. However, the majority of them can also be found on Roku (with Roku even having some extra additional offerings).

What to Watch

There are three really fantastic resources to bookmark so you can know what games are streaming and where. The biggest of which is Eye on Sky and Air Sports. Once a week, Daniel Ormsby will post his composite list of the streams (free or otherwise). The other two are lsufootball.net (easy links to all of the SEC games) and Reddit’s r/CollegeBaseball. The subreddit and my own twitter account are where I’ll post my streaming graphics each week (like below).

How to Watch:

Here’s where it gets a bit trickier. While MOST college baseball streams will be free, a good number of them (almost 800 to be exact) are going to require some sort of ESPN access. You can get that through your cable provider or (if you are a Cord Cutter like me) you can get it through your streaming provider (I use DirecTV NOW). 

You’re also going to need a WAY to stream them. The easiest way? An OTT (over-the-top) streaming box like a Roku or an Apple TV (again, I use an Apple TV). You can also use a Chromecast with varying results. 

Now when ESPN launches their own streaming service, then I’m sure a good bit of this may change. 

For now though, this will work.

Where to Watch:

Using the Apple TV, these are the Apps that I use quite regularly to stream (and which teams you’ll normally find there):

  • SEC (through SEC Network and SEC Network Plus)
  • ACC (through ESPNU and the ACC Digital Network)
  • Texas (through Longhorn Network)
  • Select Big XII teams (mainly Oklahoma State, Kansas, and Kansas State)
  • Featured Big XII games     
  • Select Teams from 13 Different Conferences (Atlantic Sun, Big 12, Big East, Big South, Big West, Horizon League, Ivy League, Metro Atlantic, Mid-American, Missouri Valley, Southern, Southland, Sun Belt and Western Athletic)

  • Regional Baseball Matchups (depends on your area/market)
  • Big Ten (through the Big Ten Network Partnership)
  •  Featured games on FS1 and FS2
  • Big East Conference Games



  • BYUtv (Most BYU home games)
  • YouTube (schools such as Samford, UNCG, Furman, UT-Rio Grande Valley)
  • Facebook (Stephen F. Austin and some others)
  • Sooner Sports TV (occasional free Oklahoma Baseball games)

In addition to those standalone apps on my Apple TV, I will also use my iPad and stream games from these apps:

If you have Sling as your streaming provider then you probably won’t need the Pac 12 Now app (you can find it on your Sling lineup if you get that package). However, for those of us who lack that service, most schools offer some type of free streaming through the year.

So there you go. It's kind of simple and straightforward and takes just a little bit of work.


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